„They are trying to kill us“

I feel helpless watching the events in Turkey and the raw and brutal violence with which Erdogan is fighting his own people. I don’t know how to help except sharing news and begging my friends to share them, too. The least I can do is to document my dear friend Ö’s emails below. Ö. is with the people on the streets in Istanbul right now and part of the Gezi occupiers movement. I’m worried about her and her friends and close ones, although I can see that she has to be in this and fight for the fundamental rights that Erdogan and his thugs don’t want to grant the Turkish people.

And don’t dare think she’s a „terrorist“ or whatever. I remember her being critical about me buying her flowers ten years ago at university, because they are generally being cut off from their roots – and die. She’s a truly peaceful and open-minded person, always caring about the well-being of others before thinking about herself. She literally couldn’t hurt a fly. And I believe that this is the spirit of the whole movement.

Ö’s first email, 1 June 2013

Hello all,

There is a huge uproar in Turkey. Last night, they nearly killed us. They are beating people and attacking with gas canisters and pressurized water cannons. I truly cannot describe how terrible it is. Today, it is even harsher. Please sign the petition below. And please send the link to as many people as you can. Love you all;


Ö’s second email, 6 June 2013

My dear friends;
I really cannot encapsulate what is taking place in Turkey right now. My mind is rather on action than on words & grand theories. The only thing I can say is that it is wonderful to witness something like this. We all reject to affiliate with any political parties. The group is really determined to annnounce that they are not Kemalists, they are not sexists and they cannot affiliate with any political views suggesting discrimination against others.

The park is cleaned everyday, and the sexist slogans are erased from the walls. It is literally a communal space and this group is revolutionary for real.

I feel great to be able to witness and take part in these events. I just want to let you that we are fine. Police has retrieved in Istanbul, but they continue being brutal in other cities such as Ankara, Hatay, Rize and ?zmir. The government still has not complied with our demands. so we keep on chapulling.

Miss you a lot; wish you all were here.

check this: http://cloudpage.co/gezi

Loves from Istanbul.

Ö’s third email, 12 June 2013

Dear all,

I am just back home and am fine. The police violence was the harshest today. we were under really harsh gas attacks. They waited for thousands of people to gather in the square and then attacked. We were really relaxed sitting on the steps at the gate of Gezi since we sincerely did not expect them to be too crazy to attack those thousands of people. But within seconds, we were in a turmoil. I counted 3 tear gas cartridge around my feet. They really targeted Gezi! it is really really horrible: 1-2 min I could not breath- lost all my friends who run to different directions and it is a horrible feeling since you do not know what expects you. You might get attacked, arrested and you have no friends to witness and at least to inform your family. I think everybody got used to this gas. Everyone was still helpful, moving slowly despite the turmoil. It really prevented many from getting seriously injured!

we all talked to our parents! they were anxious but they only asked us to be careful; did not even try to encourage us to leave Taksim. It is truly a civil uprising.

Please inform everyone that our prime minister is a shamelessly lying dictator; the police is ravenous terrorists and Turkish media is coward chickens! They are full of hatred and rage and they are capable of becoming even harsher! They are really crazy! International support for us and pressure against this dictator is very important to us. I am sure you will do your best. Her yer Taksim, Her yer direni?! (capital is universal, so is our struggle!)

love you all!

Ö’s fourth email, 12 June 2013

we were brutally attacked again. They are trying to kill us. Our lives are at stake. they gased Gezi when there are families with their little chilren. They even attacked hotel, sheltering numbers of injured people and kids. It is 5 in the morning; I am finally at home. I cannot stand being in gas anymore. We really need your support. I do not know what you can do. but we really need support!


For more info about the movement:


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