It’s cold in here but it’s not because of the air conditioning it’s because of you

So they tell me „you know Mr Kennedy, out there a cold wind is a blowing.“

Oh really. Well, thank you very much. It’s not the first time that someone discussing  my current employee status has said this to me frowning with concern. After all, I have been „slaving away“ for various employers for almost ten years now. Come on, show some respect: When I started working in my first job, Germany was still in recession. A literature student at the beginning of the 21. century in Germany? Bleak outlooks.  So when they tell me, who has never experienced any baby boomer security, that „out there a cold wind is blowing“, they should not expect me to react in any other way than with a mere pseudo earnest expression of concentrated concern on my face while I’m desperately trying to stifle a yawn.

Truth is, that it is actually always a lot colder in the room than outside in the sun when corporate suits kindly share their wisdom with you like that. I mean, they are the reason why the whole experience of working today has turned into such a roller-coaster experience of which you are never quite sure when and why it will move in whatever direction, right?

Perhaps I should do my own thing one day soon. Any suggestions? Comments welcome, I will pay every suggestion with one beer the next time you show up in Kreuzberg.


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