Get Well Soon: Dark Prince breaking bad?

Konstantin Gropper, Get Well Soon

Has he lost it? „Dark Prince“ K Gropper looking out of a window.                       ((Photo by Jens Oellermann))

Scary: Konstantin Gropper and new cult “The Communion of The Beast”

There seems to be something seriously wrong with artist Konstantin Gropper aka Get Well Soon. While everybody is excited about his soon to be released new album “The Scarlet Beast O‘ Seven Heads” (City Slang / August 2012), a lot his fans are becoming increasingly worried about Gropper’s strange doings with a new and possibly very dangerous cult called “The Communion of the Beast” (C.O.B.).

Get Well Soon’s communications and marketing campaign for “The Scarlet Beast” in the beginning of May 2012 was flanked by ominous allusions and links to this new U.S.A. based sect, which appears to have already thousands and thousands of followers in the States according to Kennedy Calling’s sources. Also, it seems to be the case that “C.O.B.” has taken over Get Well Soon’s website After accessing the homepage, fans are now being immediately redirected to C.O.B.’s website The name of the URL itself is rather remarkable.

After Gropper, who is also called „The Dark Prince“ by his fans, had received hundreds of worried eMails, he finally wrote a newsletter on May 11 “becalming” his followers: “First of all, we would like to thank you for your numerous reports that our „homepage“ has been ‘hacked’. We can becalm you. Everything is alright. Even more so: We have found our true home and our true purpose.”

The website features videos introducing its leader, a Mr. Nathanael Threadwell, who, sporting a rather nifty beard, invites “siblings” to join the “Communion of the Beast”:

Kennedy Calling spoke to  Gropper’s manager and close friend Maxwell Schenkel (Karakter Management) who in a phone interview said: “We have been very worried about K ever since he moved back south a couple of years ago. In 2010, he bought an old, black castle overlooking the river Rhine, and we heard news of occult ceremonies and wild and nasty celebrations going on down there. There was talk about crazy donkeys that held 60 minutes speeches. We have completely lost contact. We are scared. We hope he will get well soon, he still is and always will be our beloved brother, our Prince of Dark.”

After the succsessful releases of his first two albums Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon (2008) and Vexations (2010), the only obvious and sorrowful conclusion now seems to be that Get Well Soon, as a project,  has actually always been aiming at supporting the new church „Communion of the Beast“, while the sect’s sort of nerdy leader Threadwell is obviously seeking world supremacy.  It is also said that if you listen to Get Well Soon’s new single You Can Not Cast Out The Demons (You Might As Well Dance) backwards, you can hear secret “Satanic Messages” (in German “Satanische Botschaften”).

Moreover, photos have appeared on the internet that seem to indicate that also other V.I.Ps have joined the C.O.B:

This whole scenario is  rather ominous as noone really seems to care at all about  C.O.B. taking over. Kennedy Calling has spoken to the German inner secret service “Verfassungsschutz” but they just stated: “Sorry, but as you know we really have more important issues at hand right now. We are thinking about changing our name into something more suitable.”

Kennedy Calling will be closely following further developments regarding Get Wells Soon and The Communion of the Beast. Stay tuned. Take care.

Please note: If you feel threatened by Get Well Soon or C.O.B – don’t worry. Kennedy Calling has set up a help desk  that will help you get well soon. We care for you!
Y o u  A re   W e l co m e: KC Help Desk


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